The three best panoramic views of Zarautz

Where to photograph the best panoramic views of Zarautz, have a romantic picnic or even see a sunrise or sunset in Zarautz?

Although we are in winter, this season usually gives us beautiful days with very pleasant temperatures to enjoy long walks in a wonderful environment and witness corners, landscapes and spectacular views of this beautiful town.

Walking through Zarautz is always a pleasure and in most of the photos the beach appears in the background since it is one of the places that receives the most snapshots.

Today I'll tell you three essential places to capture a panoramic view of Zarautz and its much appreciated beach, The Queen of Beaches as they call it, take note and enjoy:

Mount Talai-Mendi

From the beach, through wooden stairs, you can access this Talai-mendi mountain, to contemplate the best views and sunsets of Zarautz with the famous Getaria mouse in the background and discover the town from a different perspective. You have to cross the beach and go through the dunes, leaving the golf course on the right until you reach the canal to start climbing the stairs.

You can also access it from the main road (the road is a little longer and paved). Once up, the location is unique to contemplate the town center, the beach and the Zarautz golf course.

The Tower:

We have always been captivated by this place, but since they renovated it, it is a very instagrammable place and has become one of our favorite places in Zarautz to see the sunrise.

It is a relatively easy walk, suitable for adults and children, and the spectacle there is completely guaranteed.


An excursion that you should not miss in Zarautz of approximately one hour, a place to enjoy nature with the family and enjoy beautiful views all the way.

@Turismo Euskadi

Take the opportunity to enjoy this Natural Park, beech forests, pine trees and large fields, a place of immense beauty that truly impresses.

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