A piece of History under the sand in Zarautz

A veces un fuerte temporal puede hacer resurgir la historia…

At low tide and on very rare occasions you can see the remains of the Gustav, a German ship that ran aground and sunk in December 1874, a piece of history buried under the sea and sand for more than 140 years.

Since that year, the Gustav has become a symbol of our history in Zarautz since the remains of the German ship appear only in the event of a strong storm, when the sea carries away the sand from the end of the beach, near Mount Talaimendi. leaving its skeleton visible with the wood that simulates the silhouette of the helmet.

@Ritxi Goya

It was the time of the Carlist civil war and German oil was approaching the coast of Zarautz. The Carlists attacked them after suspecting that they were bringing weapons and ammunition.  The ship's crew were saved and taken in in Zarautz. A short time later they returned to Germany again.

Not much else is known about this sinking since apparently the captain of the ship burned all the documents of the event.

They say that if you approach the remains of the ship you can hear the barking of a dog that died when they tried to access the ship or that you can even see the spirit of one of its crew members...

Come to Hotel Zarauz and djsfruta Zarautz in autumn, a very special time too and who knows, if you're a little lucky you'll be able to see the remains of a sunken ship!

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