Route of the sculptures of Zarautz Beach

Spring has arrived and little by little we are looking forward to doing outdoor activities more. The good weather is beginning to be good enough to go for a walk, leave the gym behind and replace it with a good walk.

This time of year is ideal to come to Zarautz, stay at our hotel and walk along the beach to discover the 'Zarautz Beach Sculpture Route', an open-air museum as it hides very interesting works. A completely flat walk next to this surf beach.  Prepare the camera to photograph this beautiful corner that we like so much. Shall we start?

1-‘Canons 22’ de Elena Asins- Stone

We start the route on the promenade next to the work of 'Elena Asins', 72 stone figures of one cubic meter from Brazil make up this 143 meter long sculpture very integrated into the promenade that starts from a complete cube that goes decreasing and then growing again as if it were a musical composition.

Elena Asins, the author, reflects her passion for mathematics in her works, that is why they are as serial as this one about the walk since it is a perfect mathematical series, but she was also a great lover of music and that is why they are cubes that create certain rhythm.

2-‘Zarautzko dama’ de Marcos Hernando- Steel

Walk slowly and without rushing, enjoying the sea breeze until you reach this beautiful and imposing high-rise sculpture. A female figure known as 'The Lady of Zarautz' who watches over Zarautz and its surroundings. Made of stainless steel with a satin finish, formed by cylinders and truncated cones that are joined at their bases.

3-‘A través de‘, ‘Torsión compensada’ y ‘Aspersión/Vertido’ de Dora Salazar- Bronze

Continue along the promenade and you will find these sculptures, a project by this Navarrese sculptor, winner of the 'Sculpture of the Paseo Marítimo de Zarautz' competition, made up of three pieces of a maritime nature. 'Compensated Torsion' is the slimmest, located at the end of the promenade, facing the sea, and 'Spraying/Pouring' is the lowest piece fitted into the edge of the wall.

6- ‘Joan etorrian’ de Miguel Angel Lertxundi- Wood, stainless steel, zanc and brass

A sculpture in which chestnut oak and acacia wood from ship remains collected in the sea and its surroundings have been used. An idea that is born according to the author himself, that everything comes and goes.

7- ‘Itsas lema’ de Juanjo Gurrea Txanka- Steel

Installed in the viewpoint located at the end of the boardwalk next to the Narros Palace. A viewpoint that overlooks the sea from where you will appreciate beautiful views of Zarautz beach, 'The Queen of Beaches'.

This tour is just an appetizer since in the town you can find more sculptures. Do you dare to tour it from sculpture to sculpture?

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